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About BioResEd Pty Ltd.

We are a team of agricultural ecologists and entomologists that work closely with growers, students and farm industry specialists.
Our aim is to help the agricultural sector make more sustainable on-farm management decisions, with an increased focus on cultural control practices to reduce pests and weeds, and restore and conserve soils.

Our news

March 11, 2022

Cover cropping in custard apples for pollination

BioResEd are several months into trialling inter row cover crops in custard apple orchards in northern NSW. Along with benefits for soil health and insect pest regulation, we are especially…
February 11, 2022

Why reduce farm chemical use, and what to do instead

Many are the reason that farmers are reducing chemical usage- rising chemical costs, tightening regulations and reduced registrations of chemicals are an obvious and immediate incentive. Then there are the…

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On Farm Consultation

Our consultation service is focussed on making farms more resistant to pest incursions. Read more..

Seeder Hire

BioResEd currently has two direct drill Network brand seeders available for hire, should you wish to sow cover crops within your orchard. Read more..

Arthropod Identification

We can identify unknown arthropods for you. Here's how..