Our team

BioResEd Pty Ltd (short for BioResources Research and Education) has emerged out BioResources Pty Ltd which, led by Richard Llewellyn, has been a long time supplier of beneficial insects to horticulture and provided education about Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

For several years now BioResources has been conducting research, consulting and providing education in the areas of entomology, inter-row management, in-field insectories and cover crops for soil health and conservation. We have decided now to separate the research into a separate entity, named BioResEd. Researchers Dr Abigail Makim, Dr Christopher Carr and Dr Alana Govender will move over to BioResEd and continue their research and extension work alongside Richard Llewellyn.

We look forward to providing more and more useful information and assistance in adopting and experimenting with the exciting technologies coming into horticulture that have all sorts of benefits for growers and the environment.


Mr. Richard Llewellyn

Richard is well known as the founder of BioResources Pty. Ltd. that developed mass rearing systems for several beneficial insects that have changed the way Australian growers have managed pest arthropods. Richard’s life dedication to helping growers reduce chemical use in the agricultural sector has led to finding other avenues by which growers can improve their practices- thus BioResEd began.
Entomologist/ecologist, lecturer & IPM consultant

Dr. Christopher Carr

Christopher is an entomologist with a keen interest in the ecology of plant-insect interactions in agricultural and natural ecosystems. His research focuses on IPM in agricultural systems and the optimisation of conservation biological control and biodiversity measures in ecosystems. Christopher is also a research fellow at Southern Cross University in Lismore, Northern NSW.
Agricultural ecologist, extension specialist & educator

Dr. Abigail Makim

Abigail is an agricultural ecologist working in crops ranging from macadamias & avocados to lychees & blueberries. She works with growers to implement cover crops and native vegetation areas, to ensure the regeneration and sustainability of ecosystem services on-farm.
Agricultural entomologist/ecologist, consultant

Dr. Alana Govender

Alana has worked and studied within the fields of agricultural entomology and ecology doing academic research, field work and consultancy. In these roles she has worked within broad acre crops, viticulture and fruit and nut crops across several states of Australia. Her studies focussed on biologically-based management strategies for some major arthropod pests using cultural and biological management strategies.